Modulo style front bumper for Honda Accord 8 / Acura TSX | CU/CW | 2008-2014

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A truly rare, modern and dynamic Modulo style front bumper for your 8th generation Honda Accord and 2nd generation Acura TSX (2008-2014).
This bumper will give your car a real image of a Japanese style icon in the stream of ordinary and boring cars and will definitely make your car special.

Item content:
• Modulo style front bumper for Honda Accord 8 / Acura TSX 2
(This front bumper is an analog of Modulo front bumper: 08P02-TL0-6P0A)
• Metal black mesh grilles - installed
• Main grille (honeycomb) - included and installed
• The necessary fasteners are included in the kit

• Made of High Quality ABS Plastic
• Surface unpainted, ready for painting

Useful information:
This bumper completely replicates the exterior lines of the original Modulo front bumper 100%, requires no trimming and installs perfectly into the factory mounts. If your car has not lost factory geometry in the years since production - then no doubt the clearances will be perfect!
This is not the horrible fiberglass replica you've all seen. RisingTuning spent 1 year developing this bumper, creating 13! different matrices, following all technical processes. Unlike the competition, the bumper has a one-piece construction and the lower part of the shield and the main power member are one piece - thus maximizing strength.

Compatibility notes:
• In case you have Accord 8 / TSX 2 restyled version (Facelift) - you need to purchase the front bumper grille from the Pre-Facelift version,
This is due to the fact that the original Modulo front bumper is always equipped with a pre-facelift grille assembly and pre-facelift fog lights.
On our site there is a wide range of grille grilles for every taste - including Modulo style with and without a place for the H logo.
Fog lights - Also if you have a car restyling version, you need to buy Fog Lights for Pre-Restyling bumper (Pre-Facelift), you can install both the original fog lights and their analog. Fog lights from the restyling do not fit, Modulo bumper has always been fitted with pre-facelift versions.
Fog lights OEM part number: Right 33900TL0G01 and Left 33950TL0G01.
Parking sensors - If your current kit has parking sensors, in order to install them on the new bumper, you will first need to create new holes in the bumper to mount them.
Headlight washers - If you have headlight washers in your current package, you will also need to cut keyholes in the new bumper to transfer them and install them in the new bumper. This must be done before painting the bumper.

Front bumper is compatible with this cars:

• Honda Accord (CU), 8 Gen, Sedan 5-doors, 12.2008 - 03.2013 (CU1, CU2)
• Honda Accord (CW), 8 Gen, Wagon, 12.2008 - 03.2013 (CW1, CW2)

• Acura TSX (CU), 2 Gen, Sedan 5-doors, 03.2008 - 05.2014 (CU2)
• Acura TSX (CW), 2 Gen, Wagon, 04.2010 - 05.2014 (CW2)

Years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

  • Acura
    • TSX
      • II 2008-2010 (CU2, CW2)
      • II 2011-2014 (CU2, CW2) Facelift
  • Honda
    • Accord
      • VIII 2008-2011 (CU2, CW2)
      • VIII 2011-2013 (CU2, CW2) Facelift


Product rating Modulo style front bumper for Honda Accord 8, Acura TSX | CU/CW | 2008-2014

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