Delivery and preorder confirmation


Please, carefully read the following two paragraphs.

  1. Unfortunately, in 2022 the international postal union has tightened the maximum allowed parcel length.
    Australia and South Africa - 105cm, other countries - 150cm maximum. This part exceeds the specified length, so the only way to ship it is to saw it into pieces. If the part is made of fiberglass, it is very easy to repair, any carpenter will do it. If the part is made of ABS plastic, restoration is also possible, although more difficult, first consult your painter before making the purchase.

    Why don't we offer unsawed shipping by other methods? It's all about price, for example lip + side skirts shipping via DHL will cost over 1500usd, which is significantly more expensive than the product and does not make sense.

    Please refuse to buy if you are not ready to deal with repairs after delivery. No claims will be accepted for this reason.
  2. We do not keep this item in stock, however there is no problem getting it!

    We will produce and ship it to you, but it will take extra time (3-4 weeks for production). If you really want this part - place an order, but keep in mind that it will be impossible to cancel or refuse, because we produce this part directly for you.