Steel Lift kit +2″ for Nissan X-Trail 1-Generation | T30 | 2000-2007

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228,93 €

Set for one of the axles

You also have the option of purchasing a set of spacers to increase ground clearance for one axle from this kit separately. For example, if you only need to raise the front or rear axle, you don't need to buy the complete set.

Front spacers - 2 pcs. 160,25 €
Rear spacers - 2 pcs. 160,25 €
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The main advantage of this lift kit is that it is made of steel.
The spacers have a height of 40mm, this height will give you +50mm of height, which equals about +2 inches.

The set consists of:
x2 - Steel Front coil spacers | Size: 40mm / 1.6 Inches
x2 - Steel Rear coil spacers | Size: 40mm / 1.6 Inches
x12 - Washers
x12 - M10 nuts.

• The bolts and washers are made of durable stainless steel to prevent souring.
• The standard suspension elements (springs, shock absorbers) do not need to be replaced.
• When installing this kit on the vehicle, welding and cutting work is not required.
• The elements of the kit are manufactured on professional laser, turning and welding equipment, in compliance with the necessary specifications.
• All parts have a protective polymer coating to prevent corrosion.

Install steel spacers on the standard front and rear struts, without knocking the bolts out of the original support. Without using long bolts. OEM strut supports: 54320-8H320, 55264-8H500, 54320-8H310, 54322-4U010.

Steel. The spacers are manufactured on professional laser, turning and welding equipment, in compliance with the necessary specifications.
They have a protective polymer and zinc coating that prevents corrosion.
We have in stock lift kit for X-Trail first generation, made of polyurethane.

We also recommend to buy in our store eccentric bolts to correct wheel camber of front and rear suspension.

This complete lift kit is compatible with this cars:

Europe & World:
• Nissan X-Trail
, 1 Generation, SUV 5-doors, Body: T30, Years: 06.2001 - 06.2003
• Nissan X-Trail, 1 Generation Restyling, SUV 5-doors, Body: T30, Years: 07.2003 - 07.2007

Japan & World:
• Nissan X-Trail
, 1 Generation, SUV 5-doors, Body: PNT30, NT30, T30, Years: 10.2000 - 05.2003
• Nissan X-Trail, 1 Generation Restyling, SUV 5-doors, Body: PNT30, NT30, T30, Years: 06.2003 - 07.2007

Also fits on this car:
Nissan Primera 4WD 01.2001 -12.2007 Body: #NP12E

Years: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Useful Information:
This lift kit is presented in size 40mm, in our store there are other sizes of spacers from this kit in stock, write us if you need another size of spacers, with Regards RisingTuning team.

Recommendations for installation:
Installing steel spacers on car struts does not require special skills and can be done on your own. However, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to contact professionals who can perform this work quickly and efficiently.

Any work with the replacement of suspension elements is accompanied by alignment at the end of the work and installation of lift spacers is no exception.
Yes, you will still be able to use the car without alignment, but we strongly recommend not to miss this important point in the maintenance of the car.

  • Nissan
    • Primera
      • III 2001-2007 (P12)
    • X-Trail
      • I 2000-2007 (T30)

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