Leveling Lift Kit set for Honda Element & CR-V, Stream, Edix, FR-V

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Lifting of suspension is used to increase clearance - ground clearance between the ground and the body, which increases the geometric capability of the Honda CR-V 2000-2006 2nd generation, Civic 7th generation, Edix 4th generation, Element 1st generation, FR-V 1st generation, Integra 4th generation, Stream 1st generation.

Front polyurethane spacers (40mm / 1.6 Inches):
Lower the upper strut mount to raise the front suspension by 40mm
Mounted on OEM standard support 51920-S6M-014, 51925-S6M-014, 51920-S5A-024, 51920-S7A-024, 51925-S5A-024, 51925-S6A-014.
• Spacer over the front strut 40 mm - 2 pcs, material is high-strength polyurethane.
• M10x60 bolt - 6 pcs.
• Nut M10 - 6 pcs.

Polyurethane rear spring spacers (40mm / 1.6 Inches):
Allow you to leave the original rear springs and keep the "softness" of the suspension, with an lift of 40 mm
Mounted on OEM standard support 52675-S7A-004.
• Spacer over the rear strut Honda RD4 PU 40 mm - 2 pcs, material high-strength polyurethane.
• M10x60 bolt - 4 pcs.
• Nut M10 - 4 pcs.

Weight: 2.95 kg.

This complete lift kit is compatible with this cars:


Europe / World:

Honda CR-V, 2 Generation, SUV 5-doors, Years: 09.2001 - 09.2005, Body: RD8, RD9
Honda CR-V, 2 Generation Restyling, SUV 5-doors, Years: 11.2004 - 12.2006, Body: RD8, RD9

USA / World:
Honda CR-V, 2 Generation, SUV 5-doors, Years: 09.2001 - 01.2005, Body: RD6, RD7
Honda CR-V, 2 Generation Restyling, SUV 5-doors, Years: 11.2004 - 08.2006, Body: RD6, RD7

Japan / World:

Honda CR-V (RD), 2 Generation, SUV 5-doors, Years: 09.2001 - 08.2004, Body: RD4, RD5
Honda CR-V (RD), 2 Generation Restyling, SUV 5-doors, Years: 09.2004 - 09.2006, Body: RD6, RD7


Europe / World:
Honda FR-V (BE),
 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 01.2005 - 11.2009, Body: BE1, BE3, BE5


Europe / World:
Honda Stream (RN),
 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 03.2001 - 08.2003, Body: RN1, RN3
Honda Stream (RN),
 1 Generation Restyling, Minivan, Years: 09.2003 - 01.2006, Body: RN1, RN3

Japan / World:
Honda Stream (RN),
 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 10.2000 - 08.2003, Body:RN1, RN2, RN3, RN4
Honda Stream (RN), 1 Generation Restyling, Minivan, Years: 09.2003 - 06.2006, Body: RN2, RN4, RN1, RN3, RN5


Europe / World:
Honda Edix (BE),
 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 07.2004 - 10.2006, Body: BE2, BE4, BE1, BE3
Honda Edix (BE), 1 Generation Restyling, Minivan, Years: 11.2006 - 08.2009, Body:  BE4, BE3, BE8


USA / World:
Honda Element (YH),
 1 Generation, SUV, Years: 12.2002 - 09.2006, Body: YH1, YH2
Honda Element (YH), 
1 Generation Restyling, SUV, Years: 10.2006 - 07.2008, Body: YH1, YH2
Honda Element (YH), 1 Generation Second Restyling, SUV, Years: 08.2008 - 04.2011, Body: YH1, YH2


Europe / World:
Honda Civic (ES),
 7 Generation, Sedan, Years: 01.2001 - 08.2003, Body: ES4, ES5
Honda Civic (EP), 7 Generation, Hatchback 3-doors, Years: 01.2001 - 08.2003, Body: EP1, EP2, EP4
Honda Civic (EU), 7 Generation, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 01.2001 - 08.2003, Body: EU5, EU6, EU7, EU8, EU9
Honda Civic (EU), 7 Generation, Coupe, Years: 01.2001 - 08.2003, Body: EM2
Honda Civic (EU),
 7 Generation Restyling, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 09.2003 - 08.2005, Body: EU5, EU6, EU7, EU8, EU9, EV1
Honda Civic (EU), 7 Generation Restyling, Hatchback 3-doors, Years: 09.2003 - 08.2005, Body: EP1, EP2, EP4
Honda Civic (ES), 7 Generation Restyling, Sedan, Years: 09.2003 - 08.2005, Body: ES4, ES5, ES9

USA / World:
Honda Civic (EM),
 7 Generation, Coupe, Years: 09.2000 - 08.2003, Body: EM2
Honda Civic (ES), 7 Generation, Sedan & Hybrid, Years: 09.2000 - 08.2003, Body: ES1, ES9
Honda Civic (EP), 7 Generation, Hatchback 3-doors, Years: 04.2001 - 03.2004, Body: EP3
Honda Civic (EM), 7 Generation Restyling, Coupe, Years: 09.2003 - 09.2005, Body: EM2
Honda Civic (ES), 7 Generation Restyling, Sedan & Hybrid, Years: 09.2003 - 09.2005, Body: ES1, ES9


Japan / World:
Honda Civic Ferio (ES),
 7 Generation, Sedan, Years: 09.2000 - 08.2003, Body: ES1, ES2, ES3
Honda Civic Ferio (ES), 7 Generation Restyling, Sedan, Years: 09.2003 - 01.2006, Body: ET2, ES3, ES2, ES1


Japan / World:
Honda Integra DC5,
 4 Generation, Coupe, Years: 07.2001 - 08.2004, Body: DC5
Honda Integra DC5, 4 Generation Restyling, Coupe, Years: 09.2004 - 06.2006, Body: DC5

 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

We also have a 50mm kit for Honda CR-V in our store

Rising Tuning company offers a convenient way to quickly and easily increase cross-country capability of your car - for this we recommend to buy spacers to increase ground clearance. Ground clearance is a characteristic, which largely determines the ability of the car to move on rough roads and unpaved roads, to drive over curbs and other obstacles. The lower the planting of the car, the less confident the driver feels off-road - by buying spacers, you can solve this problem.

Your car receives several undeniable advantages by installing spacers:
• Ground clearance is increased, thereby increasing off-road performance
• Increase the possible load of the car;
• Spacers are also often used when installing mud rubber on off-road wheels
• Risk of mechanical damage to the engine housing and other engine compartment components is reduced
• Risk of scratches from bumpers and low-lying body parts being caught by bushes and grasses is minimized
• Save money on replacing weary coils by simply installing these affordable strut spacers and return car body to their original position.
• Alignment of the wheel mounting angles ( camber / convergence)

Easy instalation:
• The spacers from the kit are installed on the original supports of the front and rear shock absorbers
• Remove the studs from the strut supports before installation.
• Install the spacer on the strut support, and fasten it with the bolts and nuts from the kit.
• Bolt the strut support with spacer to the vehicle in the holes on the body.
• The spacers are made of high quality hardened polyurethane, which retains its properties in all atmospheric conditions.
• The guide holes are reinforced with steel bushings.
• Thanks to the increased hardness, they do not sag under any suspension operating conditions, while having damping properties.

Important features when installing:

*Keep in mind that after you put this lift on, you'll need to get an alignment done.
*The thickness of the spacers is not always equal to the increase in ground clearance you get. In most cases, you will get more due to the peculiarities of the car's suspension, in particular, due to the narrowing of the track after installing the lift kit.
*If you decide to do the installation yourself you will need a tool - a spring compressor. It is also possible to use welding when replacing the studs (the hole from the old studs may be wider than the splines on the new studs and then you need to put a couple of points with a welding machine).

✅ After installing this extra-durable, easy-to-install and very affordable spacers all terrain features of your car will increase thanks to rised ground clearance and you will conquer the worst off-road.
✅ Sharp land bends, speed bumps, parking near curbs, maneuvering in the snow and on country roads, wherever before you had to be on the alert - no longer a problem with an additional 40mm+ under the bottom.
✅ Our spacers are often used when the stock springs lose their stiffness and spacers are the cheaper way to return the car to factory height than buying new springs.
✅ Spacers made of polyurethane and nylon have an additional damping effect, with them the ride will be even more pleasant. Whereas aluminum and steel spacers are essentially forever and will never need to be replaced.
✅ Also spacers are indispensable when installing larger diameter wheels.

  • Honda
    • Civic
      • VII 2000-2005 (EU, EP, ES)
    • Civic Ferio
      • III 2000-2005 (ES1, ES2, ES3)
    • CR-V
      • II 2001-2006 (RD5, RD6, RD7, RD8, RD9)
    • Edix
      • I 2004-2009 (BE2, BE4, BE1, BE3, BE8)
    • Element
      • I 2003-2011 (YH)
    • FR-V
      • I 2004-2009 (BE)
    • Integra
      • IV 2001-2006 (DC5)
    • Stream
      • I 2000-2006 (RN1-RN5)


Product rating Leveling Lift Kit set for Honda Element & CR-V, Stream, Edix, FR-V

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