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  • Front strut spacers 40mm for Toyota Rav4 Avensis Caldina Carina Corona Lift Kit

Front strut spacers 40mm for Toyota Rav4 Avensis Caldina Carina Corona Lift Kit

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95,17 €/per kit

Set for one of the axles

You also have the option of purchasing a set of spacers to increase ground clearance for one axle from this kit separately. For example, if you only need to raise the front or rear axle, you don't need to buy the complete set.

Front spacers - 2 pcs. 66,62 €
Rear spacers - 2 pcs. 66,62 €
currency on the site: Euro (EUR).
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We are glad to present durable poliuretan strut spacers for lifting cars!
This lift kit contains PU strut and coil spacers to add 40 mm solid to your clearance

Kit contents: Front strut spacers

- 2pcs Rear coil spacers
- 2pcs fitting kit

This complete lift kit is compatible with:

Toyota RAV4 (Petrol and Disel) 05.2000 – 10.2005 Body: ACA20W, ACA21W, ZCA25W, ZCA26

Toyota RAV4 EV 09.1997 - 04.2003 Body: BEA11

Toyota RAV4 05.1994 - 04.2000 Body: SXA10G, SXA10W, SXA11G, SXA11W, SXA15G, SXA16G

Toyota Avensis 1997 - 2003 Body: AT220, AT221, CT220, ST220, CDT220, AZT220, ZZT220, ZZT221

Toyota Caldina 11.1992 - 08.2002 Body: AT19#, CT19#, ST19#, ET19#

Toyota Caldina 08.1997 - 09.2002 Body: AT211G, ST215W, ST210G, ST215G, CT216G

Toyota Carina 2 12.1987 - 03.1992 Body: CT170, ST171, AT171

Toyota Carina E 12.1992 - 10.1997 Body: AT19#, CT190L, CT190R, ST191L, ST191R

Toyota Carina FF 08.1996 - 12.2001 Body: AT21#, CT21#, ST215

Toyota Corona 02.1992 - 01.1996 Body: AT190, CT190, ST191

Toyota Corona Premio 01.1996 - 12.2001 Body: CT210, CT215, CT211, CT216, ST210, ST215, AT210, AT211

Save on replacing weary coils by simply installing these affordable strut spacers.

Add big wheels and get a real off-road car! Installing is easy. You can install this lift kit at literally any car service or even manually as long as you’ve got basic car maintenance skills.

  • Toyota
    • Avensis
      • I 1997-2003 (T220)
    • Caldina
      • I 1992-2002 (T190)
      • II 1997-2002 (T210)
    • Carina
      • V 1988-1992 (T170)
      • VI 1992-1996 (T190)
      • VII 1996-2001 (T210)
    • Carina E
      • VI 1992-1997 (T190)
    • Corona
      • IX 1987-1993 (T170)
      • X 1992-1996 (T190)
    • Corona Premio
      • I 1996-2001 (T210)
    • RAV4
      • I 1994-2000 (XA10)
      • II 2000-2005 (XA20, CA20)

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Product rating Front strut spacers 40mm for Toyota Rav4 Avensis Caldina Carina Corona Lift Kit

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