Wide body kit VFTS Rally for Lada Riva | Nova | Signet | 2105 2107

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Everyone, who was engaged in rallying in the Soviet Union, pronounced the word VFTS (Vilnius Vehicle Factory) with a special feeling. Many people dreamed of getting a VAZ-2105 VFTS, but super cars of Vilnius Vehicle Factory, with rare exceptions, went only to members of the national team. And some foreign races even VAZ pilots drove Lithuanian cars! The heyday of the VFTS was the early eighties.

We are pleased to present in our store the improved version of the VFTS style kit, made of ABS plastic instead of fiberglass, the legendary and iconic body kit which became in its time an icon of style in the Soviet Union.
Skirt is composite and this solution has a number of advantages - this applies to the front skirt, firstly, it allows you to save the stability of parts to break loads, as it is plastic - it does not crack in the cold as fiberglass, the material has excellent memory and resiliency.
Secondly, it makes it easier to repair the part, and if you do damage the front skirt, you only have to repair a fragment, not the whole part.

Lot content:
Complete widebody kit for Lada Lada Riva | Nova | Signet | 2105 2107
• Front skirt - 3 pcs.
• Front fender flares - 2 pcs.
• Rear fender flares - 4 pcs.

• Made of ABS plastic, this is not FRP
• This model has a glossy texture. No adjustment is needed, just paint
• The product is unpainted. Therefore can have small scratches. Use without coating or painting is not provided
• Material thickness 3 mm
• Bolt-on tuning item, It fits perfectly!

If you decide to assemble a complete VFTS style for your Classic Fret you can also purchase a VFTS style ducktail 2105 2107 from our store. And we are also happy to offer you other tuning kits that would perfectly match your style:
Grille deflector for rear window
Front grille Lada Riva UK market version

Properties of wide body kit:

Different materials are used for manufacturing car tuning elements, the beauty, practicality and durability of the parts depend on their properties. To make you satisfied with the results, Rising Tuning manufactures and procures car parts including ABS plastic, a polymer that differs favorably from other materials. 
 This plastic demonstrates increased impact resistance, in which it surpasses styrene copolymers - polystyrene. This material is also characterized by mechanical stiffness and strength, wear resistance and resistance to deformation and melting in short-term heating up to 100 degrees Celsius. At temperatures up to 70-80 degrees Celsius, products made of this polymer can be used for a long time without their qualities deteriorating and while maintaining dimensional stability. 
These properties allow to use ABS plastic for manufacturing of the most various elements of car body

Advantages of ABS plastic

• Optimal combination of shock resistance and elasticity provides longevity of the products. 
• Under light torsion loads plastic elements restore their original shape without residual deformation. 
• High dimensional stability which allows manufacturing of complex molded products with high accuracy. 
• Good adhesion to paint materials, which allows them to paint products in any desired color.

Car models compatible with this widebody:

Compatible with the: LADA 2104, 2105, 2106, 2107, 1200s, 1300s, 1500s, Nova, Riva, Signet, Laika also Fiat 124, Fiat 125, TOFAŞ Murat 124, Seat Ist, Seat 124, Premier 118NE, Fiat-KIA 124 and Polski Fiat 125.

Lada Classic - Ecuador
Lada Nova - Denmark and West Germany
Lada Kalinka - France, East Germany, Portugal, Spain
Lada Laika - Argentina and Brazil
Lada Riva - Yugoslavia and the United Kingdom
Lada Signet - Canada
Lada Sputnik - Cuba


All generations of LADA 2105 are described below, the part fits all these models, all of them differ only in a complete set and equipment:
Model years : 1980-2010
• Lada 2105
• Lada 2105B
• Lada 21050
• Lada 21051
• Lada 21053
• Lada 21053-20
• Lada 21054 - cars for needs of the federal bodies of the USSR: State Automobile Inspection, Interior Ministry and KGB.
• Lada 21054-30
• Lada 21055
• Lada 21057 Lada Riva - Export version of VAZ-21053 with right-hand drive and single-injection engine (Euro-1) was produced in 1992-1997 for UK and left-hand drive markets;
• Lada 21058 Lada Riva - export version of VAZ-21050 with right-hand drive, produced in 1982-1994. For markets of Great Britain and countries with left-hand traffic;
• Lada 21059 Debut 1980, the USSR service transport versions of the MIA, KGB
• Lada 2105 VIHUR is a rally car produced by the CC DOSAAF production association for sports equipment in Tallinn. 


All generations of LADA 2107 are described below, the part fits all these models, all of them differ only in a complete set and equipment:
Model years: 1985-2012
• Lada 2107
• Lada 21070
• Lada 21071
• Lada 21072 - export version for the European market
• Lada 21073
• Lada 21074
• Lada 21075
• Lada 21076-20
• Lada 2107-71 - export version for China
• Lada 21074-20
• Lada 21074-30
• Lada 21077 - British export version
• Lada 21078 - British export version
• Lada 21079 Debut 1982 - cars for needs of the federal bodies of the USSR: State Automobile Inspection, Interior Ministry and KGB.
• Lada 2107 ZNG
• Lada 210740
The model variants also included Riva Signet, Riva 1200, Riva 1300, Riva 1500, and Riva 1600 in "E" and "L" configurations. In Finland Lada 2107 Turbo turbocharged model was sold, this version was produced by Finnish Lada importer.

  • VAZ (Lada)
    • 2103
      • I 1972-1984
    • 2104
      • I 1984-2012
    • 2105
      • I 1979-2012
    • 2106
      • I 1975-2006
    • 2107
      • I 1982-2012

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