Lift Kit for Toyota Corolla, Auris, Avensis, Blade, Verso, Sai | E150 E180

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167,84 €/per kit

Set for one of the axles

You also have the option of purchasing a set of spacers to increase ground clearance for one axle from this kit separately. For example, if you only need to raise the front or rear axle, you don't need to buy the complete set.

Front spacers - 2 pcs. 117,49 €
Rear spacers - 2 pcs. 117,49 €
currency on the site: Euro (EUR).
Shipping already included in the cost of good FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Lift set for Toyota Corolla 10 & 11 Gen, Auris 1 & 2 Gen, Avensis 3 Gen, Blade / Verso / Mark X Zio / Sai 1st Generation.
Item content:

• Front coil spacers (30mm (1.2 Inches) - 2 pcs.
Mounted on the OEM 48609-42020.
• Rear strut spacers (30mm (1.2 Inches) - 2 pcs.
Before installing the spacer it is necessary to remove the upper anti-squeak gasket 48257-0R010
• Fitting kit / Reinforced stud bolts - 3+3 pcs.
Not fit to USDM Toyota Corolla. Only ESDM/JDM

Weight: 1.69kg.

Spacers are made of high grade polyurethane SCU-PFL-100
Shore a hardness 93A (International Standard ISO 868)

This complete lift kit is compatible with this cars:


Europe / World:
Toyota Auris (E150), 1 Generation, Hatchback 3 & 5-doors, Years: 10.2006 - 07.2010, Body: ADE150, ADE151, NDE150, NRE150, ZRE151, ZZE150
Toyota Auris (E150), 1 Generation Restyling, Hatchback 3 & 5-doors, Years: 07.2010 - 11.2012, Body: ADE150, ADE151, NDE150, NRE150, ZRE151, ZWE150
Toyota Auris (E180), 2 Generation, Hatchback & Wagon, Years: 08.2012 - 06.2015, Body: ADE180, NDE180, NRE180, ZRE151, ZRE181, ZWE180
Toyota Auris (E180), 2 Generation Restyling, Hatchback & Wagon, Years: 06.2015 - 03.2019, Body: NDE180, NRE180, NRE185, WWE185, ZWE180

Japan / World:
Toyota Auris (E150), 1 Generation, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 10.2006 - 09.2009, Body: NZE151H, NZE154H, ZRE152H, ZRE154H
Toyota Auris (E150), 1 Generation Restyling, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 09.2009 - 07.2012, Body: NZE151H, NZE154H, ZRE152H, ZRE154H
Toyota Auris (E180), 2 Generation, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 08.2012 - 03.2015, Body: ADE180, NZE181H, NZE184H, ZRE186H
Toyota Auris (E180), 2 Generation Restyling, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 04.2015 - 03.2018, Body: ZWE186H, NRE185H, NZE181H, NZE184H, ZRE186H


Europe / World:
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation, Sedan & Wagon, Years: 10.2008 - 11.2011, Body: ADT270, ADT271, ZRT270, ZRT271, ZRT272
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation Restyling, Sedan & Wagon, Years: 10.2011 - 07.2015, Body: ADT270, ADT271, ZRT270, ZRT271
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation Second Restyling, Sedan & Wagon, Years: 03.2015 - 07.2018, Body: WWT270, WWT271, ZRT270, ZRT271

Japan / World:
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation, Wagon, Years: 08.2008 - 03.2012, Body: ZRT272W
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation Restyling, Wagon, Years: 02.2012 - 09.2015, Body: ZRT272W
Toyota Avensis (T270), 3 Generation Second Restyling, Wagon, Years: 10.2015 - 04.2018, Body: ZRT272W


Europe / World:
Toyota Blade (E150), 1 Generation, Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 12.2006 - 11.2009, Body: AZE154H, AZE156H, GRE156H
Toyota Blade (E150), 1 Generation Restyling,  Hatchback 5-doors, Years: 12.2009 - 04.2012, Body: AZE154H, AZE156H, GRE156H


Europe / World:
Toyota Corolla (E150), 10 Generation, Sedan, Years: 11.2006 - 06.2010, Body: ADE150, NDE150, ZRE151, ZZE150, NRE150
Toyota Corolla (E150), 10 Generation Restyling, Sedan, Years: 07.2010 - 08.2013, Body: ADE150, NDE150, ZRE151, NRE150
Toyota Corolla (E180), 11 Generation, Sedan, Years: 05.2012 - 07.2016, Body: NDE180, NRE180, ZRE181, ZRE182
Toyota Corolla (E180), 11 Generation Restyling, Sedan, Years: 03.2016 - 01.2019, Body: NDE180, NRE180, ZRE181, ZRE182

Please note the Toyota Corolla for the US market has a different suspension in the 10 and 11 generation and are indexed E140 and E170, this kit is suitable for E150 and E180 (Version for the European market and the Japanese market).


Japan / World:
Toyota Mark X Zio (NA10), 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 09.2007 - 01.2011, Body: ANA10, ANA15, GGA10
Toyota Mark X Zio (NA10), 1 Generation Restyling, Minivan, Years: 02.2011 - 11.2013, Body: ANA10, ANA15, GGA10


Japan / World:
Toyota Sai (K10), 1 Generation, Sedan, Years: 12.2009 - 07.2013, Body: AZK10
Toyota Sai (K10),
 1 Generation Restyling, Sedan, Years: 08.2013 - 11.2017, Body: AZK10


Europe / World:
Toyota Verso (R20), 1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 03.2009 - 11.2012, Body: AUR20, AUR21, ZGR20, ZGR21
Toyota Verso (R20), 
1 Generation, Minivan, Years: 11.2012 - 10.2017, Body: AUR20, AUR21, WAR20, ZGR20, ZGR21

 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Rising Tuning company offers a convenient way to quickly and easily increase cross-country capability of your car - for this we recommend to buy spacers to increase ground clearance. Ground clearance is a characteristic, which largely determines the ability of the car to move on rough roads and unpaved roads, to drive over curbs and other obstacles. The lower the planting of the car, the less confident the driver feels off-road - by buying spacers, you can solve this problem.
Auto spacers are factory made of high-strength Polyurethane alloy, which guarantees safety and durability of operation.

Polyurethane spacers
 have unique advantages over metal products:
✅Additional damping effect
✅ Durability of the material (no naturally occurring corrosion effect)
✅ More affordable than metal spacers 

Your car receives several undeniable advantages by installing spacers:
• Ground clearance is increased, thereby increasing off-road performance
• Increase the possible load of the car
• Spacers are also often used when installing mud rubber on off-road wheels
• Risk of mechanical damage to the engine housing and other engine compartment components is reduced
• Risk of scratches from bumpers and low-lying body parts being caught by bushes and grasses is minimized
• Save money on replacing weary coils by simply installing these affordable strut spacers and return car body to their original position.
• Alignment of the wheel mounting angles ( camber / convergence).

Important features when installing:
*Keep in mind that after you put this lift on, you'll need to get an alignment done.
*The thickness of the spacers is not always equal to the increase in ground clearance you get. In most cases, you will get more due to the peculiarities of the car's suspension, in particular, due to the narrowing of the track after installing the lift kit.
*If you decide to do the installation yourself you will need a tool - a spring compressor. It is also possible to use welding when replacing the studs (the hole from the old studs may be wider than the splines on the new studs and then you need to put a couple of points with a welding machine).

✅ After installing this extra-durable, easy-to-install and very affordable spacers all terrain features of your car will increase thanks to rised ground clearance and you will conquer the worst off-road.
✅ Sharp land bends, speed bumps, parking near curbs, maneuvering in the snow and on country roads, wherever before you had to be on the alert - no longer a problem with an additional 30mm under the bottom.
✅ Our spacers are often used when the stock springs lose their stiffness and spacers are the cheaper way to return the car to factory height than buying new springs.
✅ Spacers made of polyurethane and nylon have an additional damping effect, with them the ride will be even more pleasant. Whereas aluminum and steel spacers are essentially forever and will never need to be replaced.
✅ Also spacers are indispensable when installing larger diameter wheels. 

  • Toyota
    • Auris
      • I 2006-2013 (E150)
      • II 2012-2016 (E180)
    • Avensis
      • III 2008-2018 (T270)
    • Blade
      • I 2006-2012 (E150)
    • Corolla
      • X 2006-2013 (E140/E150)
      • XI 2012-2019 (E180)
    • Mark X Zio
      • I 2007-2013 (A10)
    • Sai
      • I 2010-2017 (K10)
    • Verso
      • I 2009-2016 (R20)


Product rating Lift Kit for Toyota Corolla, Auris, Avensis, Blade, Verso, Sai | E150 E180

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