Mugen rear spoiler for Honda Accord 7 & Acura TSX CL7 & CL9, 2003 - 2008

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High-quality, high wing Mugen for standard installation on the trunk lid of Honda Accord 7 CL & Acura TSX. The original design of the spoiler effectively upgrades the exterior of the car adding more expression to the body silhouette emphasizing the sporty spirit of your car.
The high three-part "Mugen" style spoiler on the trunk lid perfectly complements the exterior of your car. The rear trunk spoiler is a stylish and individual way to make your car stand out in a crowd of cars.
Our spoiler is an exact copy of the legendary Mugen spoiler, as it uses a matrix from the original part.
Mugen spoiler consists of three parts, these are the spoiler "side struts" 2 pcs and the central "wing" bar which connects them. The way to install our spoiler is not different from the original, so it does not require additional fasteners and will not take much time and effort.
For painting and installation of the spoiler, we recommend contacting a specialized car service.

Made of high quality fiberglass FRP
Material thickness 3 mm
Surface finish: Matte FRP, no adjustment is needed, just paint
"Bolt-on" tuning item, It fits perfectly! The product is unpainted.
Therefore can have small scratches and pimples.
Use without coating or painting is not provided.
We do not offer work to painting car parts to export from Russia. 
- One of the most popular spoilers for the 7th Accord & Acura TSX. The Mugen spoiler consists of three elements. Included are the necessary tabs and bolt connections for installation. The edges of the spoiler have technical pads for the Mugen emblems.
- The spoiler is mounted on top of the trunk lid with bolt connections. Thanks to the three-part spoiler, you can
improvise with the coloring of the spoiler.
- For best effect it is recommended to paint the central part of the spoiler in a color that contrasts with the body.
- The mounting brackets in the "board" and the mating parts in the supports, factory installed on sturdy rivets, are completely ready for assembly. Hexagonal screws, for self-assembly of the segments, are supplied in the kit. Once assembled on the vehicle, the set forms a single arch with a spectacular angle of attack. Convenient design and the ability to adjust clearances with a developed system of fasteners allows you to perform the installation by yourself.

Lot contents:
Mugen rear spoiler for Honda Accord 7 & Acura TSX CL7 & CL9, (2003-2008) 
Center fender with mounting holes - 1pcs
Side struts with reciprocating mounts - 2pcs ( Left & Right)
* Only for Sedan
* Please note, the MUGEN nameplate is not included

You can buy the Mugen nameplate here:
Mugen nameplate logo for spoiler

Car models compatible with this spoiler:

Honda Accord CL, 7 Gen, Sedan, Body CL7, CL9, 10.2002 - 09.2005
Honda Accord CL, 7 Gen Restyling, Sedan, Body CL7, CL9, 10.2005 - 11.2008

Acura TSX CL9, 1 Gen, Sedan, Body CL9, 01.2003 - 02.2008

Honda Accord CL, 7 Gen, Sedan, Body CL7, CL8, CL9, 10.2002 - 10.2005
Honda Accord CL, 7 Gen Restyling, Sedan, Body CL7, CL8, CL9, 11.2005 - 11.2008

  • Acura
    • TSX
      • I 2003-2005 (CL7, CL9) Before Restyling
      • I 2005-2008 (CL7, CL9) Facelift
  • Honda
    • Accord
      • VII 2002-2005 (CL7/9, CM1/2)
      • VII 2005-2008 (CL7/9, CM1/2) Facelift

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